This game was created for the #candyjam. It takes place in a kingdom that banned candy for anyone but the king.

You’re a girl out to spread the candy wealth to all the citizens! AND YOUR NAME IS... Candy Hood!

It’s an endless running platformer shooter with different candy guns. Your goal is to get candy to all the citizens without getting arrested by the guards.

You have a candy gun, which is like a t-shirt gun but with candy. You're shooting people because shooting can be good. There's a rainbow gun in there for the guards.


  • W/up/space to jump up
  • S/down to jump down
  • Left-click/A/left arrow to shoot candy
  • Right-click/D/right arrow to shoot rainbows
  • Escape to restart the game if you hit a bug


Art by Aileen Zhou

Game development by Catt Small

Music by various artists including:

  • Mike Vekris
  • Arif Banto
  • C.P. Bryan
  • Noisy Oyster
  • Stephen Burns